Car accidents in itself are scary, but it gets more so if you are the driver and you hit a pedestrian. The accident may be caused by various reasons such as road congestion, poor vehicle maintenance, or due to negligence. However, as the driver, one becomes liable. Panic and shock might follow, but it is important to have a quick presence of mind.

To help you avoid a stringent lawsuit, here is a list of things you need to do and avoid:

•    Stay calm first. Get out of your car, do not run away, scream, or panic.

•    Help the pedestrian and take him/her to a place away from the accident spot. Only at an extreme case conduct  a CPR. Do not attempt any other medical procedure unless you are a certified medical officer. 

•    Get proper help. Get help from the medical services to attend to the injuries of the pedestrian.

•    Ensure that you contact a legal attorney like King Arminpour, your insurance provider/company, and the police. At cases where you have hit a pedestrian, it is important to make the Police run an investigation. You also need a legal attorney to check your insurance coverage and defend you for the kind of accident charges.

•    Get the contact information of the pedestrian- name, number, address, and insurance information. Also, get the information of the investigating police officer and the address of the accident location.

•    Avoid admitting fault. Speak with the pedestrian and his family/ friends but avoid speaking too much to give out information. Anything you say may be used against you in the lawsuit.

•    Never or avoid speaking with the attorney of the pedestrian or to the insurance company. Also, ensure that they can reach you only through your attorney.

Sometimes the cause of the accident may be due to a third party or due to an external factor. Sometimes it might not even be your fault, and you have been driving carefully. Sometimes it is also the pedestrian at fault. The type of legal suit you will have to file will depend on circumstances and the nature of the accident.